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The Bathtub Refinishing company you choose matters, we’re not all the same. Carolina’s Tub Doctor has been in business since 2007. We have served 1000s of customers throughout the Carolinas & Tennessee and we have the experience you want to give your bathroom a makeover.

Carolina’s Tub Doctor
Refinishing Bathrooms Since 2007

Carolina’s tub doctor is here to provide an alternative for replacement of bathtubs and bathroom wall tile. Our refinishing is an economical way to bring new life to an old bathroom. Our goal is to provide quality workmanship in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Lee Yudenfriend - Owner

We are here to provide an affordable alternative to replacement of bathtubs & bathroom wall tile.

Let’s face it, the bathroom is one of the highest volume areas in your home, regardless of who lives there. Taking a bath or shower is a morning ritual for many of us, and it also serves as a great way to unwind after a long day. Why wouldn’t you want your bathroom to be as comfortable as possible. Traditional remodeling can leave you without the use of your bathroom for weeks, even months and can be overkill if the focus of your project is just to change the aesthetics. We believe

Our Refinishing Services

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For bath fixtures, we can fix cracks, rust, scratches, dull spots, chips, pits, and discoloration in the refinishing process.

More than likely shortcuts were taken during the preparation process. This results in a weak bond between the topcoat and the previous finish. We meticulously prepare the surface so the bond is super strong resulting in years of use. We don’t skip steps and use the best premium materials money can buy.

While the final time depends on the specifics of your job, most projects are completed the same day. Refinishing a tub, sink or countertop takes approximately three to four hours.